Falling Tears

Book 1 of The Tears Series

Sam Ridge has a secret.  He can create trees with his tears.  Not just any trees.  The instant even one of his tears touches the soil a massive, ancient tree grows to maturity within seconds; no matter where in the world he happens to cry.  After discovering his amazing ability, being horribly injured by it as a child and being unable to convince his parents of the truth, he has kept his ability hidden…from everyone.  But one day the choice to keep his secret is taken from Sam by Robert Lancer, CEO of Global Systems, a massive corporation with unprecedented power, connections and ambition.  It takes only seconds for Sam’s entire life to be torn apart by a system from which he tried so hard to divorce himself and his family.

One man is a speck of dust in the wind, easily destroyed.  But when the dust gathers into a mountain the wind must bend around it.  Sam’s only hope is to bring to light news of Global Systems plan; enlighten the society around him that seems happy to remain ignorant of the terrible path upon which it walks.  But can he do it before he and his family are destroyed?